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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

Weekly seminars by the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy, and Natural Resource Governance

The Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy, and Natural Resource Governance (C-EENRG) is hosting online Seminar series throughout the Lent term of the 2020-2021 academic year. These are informal and friendly talks allowing discussion of on-going work for PhD students, early career researchers and senior academics. Seminars take place every Thursday, 2-3 pm (UK time). The presenter is expected to speak for 30-45 mins to allow substantial time for discussion. Talks focus on issues of climate change, environment and energy. All are welcome!

The seminars this term take place online in Zoom. Please register your interest using a simple form. If you are registered, each week, on the day of the seminar, you will receive an e-mail with a Zoom link.

The calendar for the Lent term 2021 can be found below, or in a poster format here.


  14 Jan

Professor Benjamin Sovacool
Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex
Accelerating energy and low-carbon transitions


  21 Jan

Dr Zhu Liu
Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University
Real time monitoring of global CO2 emissions during COVID-19 pandemic


■ 28 Jan

Professor Christina Voigt
Department of Public and International Law, University of Oslo
Compliance under the Paris Agreement: The Compliance Committee and the Interplay between Compliance and Transparency


■ 4 Feb

Professor Michael Gerrard
Columbia Law School and Columbia Earth Institute, Columbia University
The emerging and promised climate change policies of the Biden administration


■ 11 Feb

Dr Wolfgang Richter
Hydraulic engineering and Water Resources Management, TU Graz, Austria
Maximizing Efficiency and Economy of Storage Balance for 100% Renewable Power Supply


■ 18 Feb

Dr Thales A.P. West
C-EENRG Fellow | Scientist, Scion, New Zealand Forest Research Institute
Overstated carbon emission reductions from voluntary REDD+ projects in the Brazilian Amazon


■ 25 Feb

Karla Zambrano
PhD Researcher, University of Valencia | C-EENRG Visiting Researcher
Climate refugees: The big challenge of Public International Law and the European Union


■ 4 Mar

Professor Veerle Heyvaert
London School of Economics and Political Science
Issues of transnational environmental law and risk regulation


■ 11 Mar

Dr Sabrina Eisenbarth
University of Exeter Business School
Can communal resource monitoring save the commons?


■ 18 Mar

Dr Sergey Kolesnikov
C-EENRG Fellow, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge
How technology spillovers contribute to clean energy innovation


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