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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

Publications by C-EENRG fellows and researchers cover multiple disciplines, including law, economics, policy, and modelling. C-EENRG's own Working Papers, Reports, and Cambridge University Press Series provide a platform for research that aims to support effective governance of environmental transitions and is often represented in further journal publications collected in the Selected Publications section.

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Selected Publications

A selection of recent publications by C-EENRG fellows and researchers

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Working Papers

Papers published in the C-EENRG Working Papers series: 31. Gaining a Foot in the Door: Giving Access to Justice with SDG 16.3? , Huck, W., and Maaß, J., 2021-05. Download - Abstract 30. Connecting scientific advances and patented technologies: The role of open access scientific publishing in clean-...

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4. A Global Pact for the Environment - Legal Foundations. The project leading to this compilation of studies has two purposes. The first is to leave a record of the intellectual discussions underpinning the project of a Global Pact for the Environment, with its many sources, views and debates. The...

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Cambridge Studies on Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Governance