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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

Tripos (Law – half paper; Land Economy – Paper 5)


Markus Gehring

  1. Introduction to EU environmental law (linkages to general EU law). The history and development of EU environmental and sustainable development law.
  2. Principles of European Environmental Law – general principles: precaution, preventative and polluter-pays principle, integration principles, other sustainable development principles, procedural principles: access to information, participation and justice. Question of implementation.
  3. Access to Information and Impact Assessment, Aarhus and Espoo Conventions, Environmental Information Directive, Impact Assessment Directive, Interpretation by the Court of Justice.
  4. Climate Change as a sustainable development challenge, market instruments vs. command and control. EU Emission Trading Scheme, Allocation of allowances, other climate measures.
  5. Risk, science and precaution. The sustainable development challenge of biological safety and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMO legislation and jurisprudence, REACH and other chemicals legislation.
  6. Sustainable development and nature - biodiversity and endangered species, especially protected areas and bird protection in the EU.
  7. Waste and Hazardous Waste – 2008 Waste Framework Directive – Interpretation and contribution of the Court of Justice to waste law.
  8. Sustainable EU trade law and policy – international and internal market dimension – trade and environment – trade jurisprudence concerning sustainable development challenges – corporate social responsibility.