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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

02/05/2017 – Brasilia, Brazil. International Workshop on the Food-Water-Energy Nexus in Brazil – University of Brasilia and BRIDGE Consortium


May 2, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


The aim of the seminar was to connect academics from the BRIDGE Project and the University of Brasilia to discuss ways in which we can strengthen the resilience of Brazil to global economic and environmental changes, particularly in the areas of food, water and energy.

The first part of the Seminar, entitled “Introduction to the BRIDGE Project”, has included presentations from the researchers Prof. Jorge Vinuales, Dr. Jean-Francois Mercure and Dr. Pablo Salas about the BRIDGE consortium and the overview of the policy, law and stakeholder engagement for Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus Management and Science.

The second part of the Seminar, entitled “The WEF Nexus from the Brazilian experts’ perspective”, has consisted of the following presentations: “Environmental regulation of the Nexus in Brazil” (Dra. Maria Augusta Paim), “Agriculture and Brazilian mining” (Dr. Adriano Cancado Trindade), “Climate and food security related to the oceans: is there any orchestration so far?” (Prof. Dra. Ana Flavia Granja e Barros), “Legal problems and challenges in regulating sustainable development of international biofuel trade: an analysis of public/private law and non-law instruments (Dra. Priscila Andrade), and “Economic instruments and private property in environmental law: compensations markets in the climate change challenges” (Gabriela G. B. Lima Moraes).

The seminar was attended by students and researchers of the Natural Resources, Law and Sustainable Development Research Group – GERN, from the Law School of the University of Brasilia, and by some relevant stakeholders from the WEF public and private sectors in Brazil, such as: Thiago Siqueira Massson (Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock), Luiz Alberto da Cunha Bustamente (Legislative Advisor – Senado Federal, Mining and Energy) and Henrique Leite (Legislative Advisor – Camara dos Deputados, Environment). After the Seminar, Thiago and Henrique have made further contacts to the BRIDGE Project researchers to discuss future collaborations opportunities.