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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

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Research is the core activity of C-EENRG. With a broad focus on the governance of environmental transitions, understood as environment-driven societal transformations, our research looks at numerous questions at the intersection environment, energy and natural resource governance. Over the years, C-EENRG members have pursued diverse research portfolios on questions such as environmental governance and international economic law, the principles of international environmental law, the impact of conservation initiatives on biodiversity and livelihoods, the law governing energy transitions, the food-energy-water nexus, the impact of EU law on planning regulation, the impact of intellectual property rights on environmental governance, global climate negotiations, global biodiversity governance or the role sovereign wealth funds, to name but a few.
Understanding the Food-Energy-Water Nexus: the BRIDGE project

BRIDGE: Building Resilience In a Dynamic Global Economy -- Complexity across scales in Brazil. The BRIDGE project is a UK-BRAZIL collaboration funded by the Newton Funds, comprising of the ESRC and FAPESC. It supports researchers in the modelling, understanding and governance of the Food-Water-Energy Nexus.

Environmental Governance and International Economic Law

Foundational Principles of International Environmental Law

Impact of Conservation Programmes on Biodiversity and Livelihoods

Governing the Energy Transition

European Union Planning Law

The International Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Climate Change Governance

Global Biodiversity Governance