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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance


Qinyi Xu was a PhD researcher in the Department of Land Economy and Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge. She was also the president of the Cambridge Association for Political Economy of China (CAPEC) at the University of Cambridge.

Her research spans global environmental governance, environmental policy and economics to comparative/international political economy. Her PhD research was on “role formation”, “role differentiation” and “role fragmentation” in international environmental policy-making. Its main focus was to establish the role model to measure and predict the changing roles between state actors in climate change negotiation and within each actors’ policy-making processes. It explained the factors that cause the transition of roles and how such dynamic affect and interact with the issue of compliance in climate agreements.

Qinyi was the recipient of the Cambridge Trust scholarship for her PhD studies. She holds an MPhil in Environmental policy from the University of Cambridge. Prior to that, she obtained her B.A. in Politics and Public Administration (with B.A. Management-Leo KoGuan Scholar; Xinhe Scholar) at the School of Government, Peking University. During her undergraduate study in China, she also spent half a year as the scholar exchange student at the University of Sydney, where she focused on international security and UN studies. She has previously worked at UNDP and WHO Beijing offices.


Global Governance and Sustainable Development, Environmental Politics and Economics, Environmental and Energy Policy, Comparative/International Political Economy, Maritime Affairs, International Organisation, UN Studies.

PhD Alumna (2022)
Former centre researcher
 Qinyi  Xu