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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

Studying at Cambridge


Professor Carina Costa de Oliveira


Professor of International and Environmental Law, Law Faculty, University of Brasília, Brazil ( Former visiting scholar at the C-EENRG, University of Cambridge. PhD (Panthéon-Assas, France). Coordinator of the Research group on Law, Natural Resources and Sustainability (Gern-UnB) - Organizer of the book: Marine Environment and Law: Exploration and exploitation on the coastal zone, on the continental shelf and on the deep-seabed (Curitiba, Juruá, 2015).; Author of La réparation des dommages environnementaux en droit international: contribution à l'étude de la complémentarité entre le droit international public et le droit international privé (Saarbrücken: Éditions Universitaires Européennes, 2012). Research areas: Public and Private International Law, Environmental law, Marine Resources Preservation and Conservation. Member of the Research Projects on “The Function of law in the sustainable management of the minerals resources in the sea” and “The Brazilian strategy on sustainable management of living and non-living marine resources”.