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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance


Paola Velasco Herrejon was a Ph.D student at the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge. Her doctoral thesis investigated social dynamics in the wind energy sector.

Paola has a wide of experience in developing corporate and government strategies to promote social development while advancing economic and social empowerment among indigenous people in the Global South. She started her career as a fundraising officer at Fair Trade Mexico to then support indigenous women’s led businesses and at the Mexico Women’s ministry. Paola then worked as Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator at Grupo Mexico, one of the leading copper producers in the world, to launch a CRS strategy for their wind energy development. In her most recent role, she worked for the United Nations Development Programme evaluating public programmes related to the Commission for the Development of Indigenous People. She was a tutor of sustainability and economics subjects in summer academic programs held at the University of Cambridge.

Paola earned her Gender and Development MA as a CONACYT scholar at the Institute of Development Studies based at the University of Sussex.

Research Interests

Renewable energy sector

Business and Social Development

Indigenous Communities

Human Development and Capabilities

Sustainable Development

Participatory Action Research

Recent publications

Velasco Herrejon, P. (forthcoming 2018) Insights into the processes of women’s empowerment through participation in artisan cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexico. Cambridge Journal of Development Issues

Yaganeh, M., Velasco Herrejón, P., Wantson, N., Spratt, S. y Cicera, X. (2013) What is Business and Development? An Annotated Bibliography. IDS Evidence Report 4, Brighton: IDS.

Arteaga Romero, J. y Velasco Herrejón, P (2012). Violencia hacia las mujeres [Conferencia]. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Facultad de Economía, México DF, 9 de marzo.

Velasco-Herrejon, P. (2011) ONGs: Educación para la Paz en Acción. Prometeo (Revista Mexicana de Desarrollo Humano). Noviembre

Velasco-Herrejon, P. (2010) Comercio Justo y Gastronomía; Una introducción a los productos de Comercio Justo México [Conferencia]. Colegio Superior de Gastronomía, México, DF. 13 Febrero.

Ibanez-Velasco, G. y Velasco-Herrejon, P. (2005) Electrolysis Applied to Environmental Clean-up. Praxis der Naturwissenschaften Chemie inder Shule

Former centre researcher
 Paola  Velasco  Herrejon