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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance


Michael was a visiting student at C-EENRG in 2019-2020, conducting research as part of his Master's thesis supervised by Prof. Laura Diaz Anadon at the University of Cambridge and Prof. Didier Sornette at ETH Zürich.

As a visiting researcher, he was investigating technology spillovers in solid-state lighting, with the aim to derive policy recommendations to accelerate innovation in clean energy technologies.

As part of his research at C-EENRG, Michael was analysing the performance implications of technological breakthroughs in the device architecture and manufacturing process of GaN based light-emitting diodes. To further capture the economic impact of these breakthroughs, he built a process-step resolution manufacturing cost model for device architectures spanning almost three decades.

Michael holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from Vienna University of Technology and has gathered research experience in solid-state physics at CERN in Geneva as well the Austrian Academy of Sciences. He is currently a PhD student at Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, working on life cycle assessment modelling for carbon emissions.

Michael’s research at C-EENRG was supported through a grant of the Swiss Study Foundation:

Former visiting student (2019-2020)
 Michael  Weinold

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