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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance


Hongmei Deng was a PhD candidate in the Center for Energy & Environmental Policy Research at Beijing Institute of Technology. She was a visiting PhD student in C-EENRG, Land Economy.

Her research interests focus on energy and environmental policy, especially on the policies to analyze the co-benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. She has two publications on how to co-control greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

Hongmei’s research in University of Cambridge was supervised by Prof. Laura Diaz Anadon from October 2016 to October 2017. Her fellowship was made possible with support from the China Scholarship Council and Newton Fund. During this period, Hongmei’s project involved assessing the co-benefits of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and developed a typology on the types of co-benefits, mitigation sectors, geographic level, and methodologies in the literature. She also started to work on the regional variations in the climate, environmental and health benefits of wind and solar generation in China.

Former visiting student (2016-2017)
 Hongmei  Deng