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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance


Dr. Jones is an environmental social scientists. In recent years, she has become increasingly interested in assessing social impacts of protected areas, focusing on their temporal and spatial dimension and she is currently leading the project FIDELIO funded by the European Research Council. Dr. Jones has also undertaken research on valuation of natural resources and management of organisations. She is an expert in analysing social data, with advanced quantitative and mixed methods techniques.


Ecosystem services and social impacts of protected areas

Public acceptability of environmental policies

Economic valuation of natural resources


Key publications: 

Jones, N., Malesios, C., Ioannidou, E., Kanakari, R., Kazoli, F., Dimitrakopoulos, P. (2018). Understanding perceptions of the social impacts of Protected Areas: Evidence from three NATURA 2000 sites in Greece. Environmental Impact Assessment Review. 73, 80-89.

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Jones N., Clark J.R.A., Malesios C., 2015. Social capital and willingness to pay for coastal defences in south-east England. Ecological Economics, 119, 74-82

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Vokou D., Dimitrakopoulos P.G., Jones N., Damialis A., Monokrousos N., Pantis J.D., Mazaris A.D. et al. 2014. Ten years of co-management in Greek protected areas: an evaluation. Biodiversity and Conservation. 23- 2833-2855

C-EENRG Fellow
Principal Research Associate
Department of Land Economy
University of Cambridge
Dr Nikoleta  Jones