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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Deyu Li

Dr Deyu Li

Center Fellow

Trinity College Postdoctoral Research Associate

Energy Technology Innovation and Policy

Industry Dyanmics and Regional Development


  • Energy
  • Economic Geography
  • Sustainability
  • Regional Development
  • Public Policy
  • Science, Technology and Innovation Studies

Key Publications

Li, D., Heimeriks, G. and Alkemade, F., 2020. The emergence of renewable energy technologies at country level: relatedness, international knowledge spillovers and domestic energy markets. Industry and Innovation, pp.1-23.

Heimeriks, G., Li, D., Lamers, W., Meijer, I. and Yegros, A., 2019. Scientific knowledge production in European regions: patterns of growth, diversity and complexity. European Planning Studies27(11), pp.2123-2143.

Guo, Q., He, C. and Li, D., 2016. Entrepreneurship in China: The role of localisation and urbanisation economies. Urban Studies53(12), pp.2584-2606.