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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

On 7 October 2022, CEENRG Director Professor Laura Diaz Anadon presented at the third Plenary Panel of the 2022 Conference of the European Climate and Energy Modelling Platform (ECEMP): Acting on the ambitions to a net-zero EU: roadblocks, challenges, and opportunities. The session, chaired by Johannes Emmerling (European Institute on Economics and the Environment), was dedicated to the latest IPCC findings and their implications for national and short term policies in Europe, and discussed the importance of climate and energy modelling, as well as the importance of bridging scales including from global to regional and the national level, and in coupling different systems.

In her presentation, Professor Anadon discussed recent empirical findings related to climate technology innovation presented in the IPCC AR6 report. Other speakers and presentations in the session included:

  • Bridging Climate and Energy Modelling (Philippe Tulkens, European Commission DG RTD.B3)
  • Mitigation of climate change: insights from WGIII AR6 Report (Elena Verdolini, European Institute on Economics and the Environment)
  • Global Modelled Pathways – key messages from the IAM/ESM contribution in AR6 (Detlef van Vuuren, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL))
  • Regional cooperation on water and energy to accelerate climate action (Iva Brkic, UNECE)