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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

A Sustainable Food System for the EU

Food systems have complex social, economic and ecological components, and radical transformation is needed to make them sustainable. A new evidence review report from SAPEA called "A sustainable food system for the European Union" lays out the science on how that transition can happen in an inclusive, just and timely way. The report was requested by the College of Commissioners and written by a multidisciplinary group of leading scientists, nominated by academies across Europe. C-EENRG Fellow Prof. Cristiane Derani is among the authors of the report. 

Some of the main conclusions of the reports include:

  • The transition to a more just and sustainable food system needs to be coordinated at multiple levels of governance and involve a range of actors in both land-based and marine environments.
  • To change how our society consumes food, we must first change people’s routines, habits and norms. Behaviour change is best effected with joined-up actions, addressing groups rather than individuals.
  • Taxation and legislation are key ways to drive change, while European policies in agriculture and fisheries offer great opportunities for developing robustness and sustainability in food production.

For more information, please visit the website of the report here.