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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

In this week's issue of The Lancet out today, C-EENRG Fellows Jorge Vinuales and Ginevra Le Moli together with colleagues Suerie Moon and Gian-Luca Burci argue that the proposed Global Pandemic Treaty currently under discussion should focus on "deep prevention".

With the proposal for a global pandemic treaty by the European Council, endorsed by more than 25 heads of state and the WHO Director-General, the question has arisen as to what such a treaty should do. The authors argue that it should focus on reducing the risk of pathogens jumping from animals to humans. This focus on “deep prevention” could draw inspiration from the global governance of nuclear, environmental, and financial systemic risks. Lessons from these domains suggest that far more can be done to reduce the risk of disease outbreaks, and that international law remains underused.

Read the full comment in The Lancet: Vinuales, J., Moon, S., Le Moli, G., & Burci, G.-L. (2021). A global pandemic treaty should aim for deep prevention. The Lancet