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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

Mind Over Chatter Podcast

Professor Laura Diaz Anadon, C-EENRG Director, recently contributed to the third episode of the University of Cambridge podcast series "Mind Over Chatter":

The future is becoming harder to predict thanks to climate change and a global pandemic. But a large part of what the future will look like is in our own hands. The biggest challenge to creating a better future may be political rather than scientific or technological. 

In this episode, Diane Coyle, professor of public policy, Laura Diaz Anadon, professor of climate change policy, and architectural engineer, Ruchi Choudhary, join the hosts to talk about how we can build a future that might not be anything like the past.

The podcast covers topics like innovation, GDP, and how the uncertainty created by climate change can help propel policy and economic decisions. Plus, it looks at some of the benefits that come with building a greener future together.

Listen to Mind Over Chatter Episode 3: Creating a future that is not like the past