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Designing a UK-ETS? Invitation to informal workshop, Tuesday 27th June, 14:00

last modified Jun 29, 2017 05:22 PM

*EU-ETS linkage scenarios post-Brexit: how to design a UK-ETS?*

An exploratory workshop. 14:00-16:00, Tuesday 27 June, David Attenborough Building, Room 2.53 Wangari Maathi

Slides are now available at:

A key issue to be resolved post-Brexit will be the relationship between the EU-ETS and the UK.  It is almost certain that the UK will want to link in with the EU-ETS, and new arrangements will be required to enable this.  This issue can be considered in the context of broader debates over linkages between the EU-ETS and other trading systems around the world.

This informal workshop will start with reflections from Massimiliano Montini and Simone Borghesi on the general features of linking ETS systems around the world, by using the EU ETS as a reference model and assessing other models along some selected comparability criteria.

The workshop will then move onto a wider discussion on different options that may arise with the UK post-Brexit scenario, with the aim of imagining how an UK ETS might be designed.  The aim is for participants to share their ideas and perspectives on this emerging question, which has so far received only very limited attention from academics and policymakers.