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CEENRG Seminar on Sensitive Intervention Points in Supply-Side Climate Policy

last modified Mar 28, 2018 09:58 AM

Dr Ryan Rafaty (C-EENRG and INET-Oxford Monday) delivered a special CEENRG seminar 'Sensitive Intervention Points in Supply-Side Climate Policy' on 26th March 2018 at the David Attenborough Building.

Now the slides are available here


Over the next three decades, what if demand-side policies to mi@gate climate change con@nue to fall short of achieving the aims of the Paris Agreement? What if carbon capture and storage (CCS), u@liza@on (CCU), and removal (CDR) technologies fail at scale? Under such a scenario, governments need a con@ngency plan. This seminar will review some poten@al “sensi@ve interven@on points” in supply-side climate policy — points at which regula@on or li@ga@on directed at fossil fuel supply could be rela@vely easily pursued in the poli@cal, administra@ve, and judicial process while achieving considerable emissions reduc@ons. It will cover some emerging areas of research, focusing on the phasing out of leases for fossil fuel explora@on and extrac@on, renego@a@ng terms, or expropria@ng assets. The ques@on of whether these are advisable climate strategies from an environmental and poli@cal economy perspec@ve will be considered.