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Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance


The third part of the IPCC 6th Assessment Report, The Working Group III contribution on Mitigation of Climate Change, was published on 4 April 2022. C-EENRG Director, Professor Laura Diaz Anadon, was the Lead Author of Chapter 16 on "Technology Innovation, Development, and Transfer" of the Report. Research by C-EENRG fellows, researchers and collaborators was prominently featured both in this chapter and in the full report.

Commenting on the findings of the report for Science Media Centre, Professor Anadon said:

“The next few years will be critical to improve our chances of success. Unless there are immediate and deep GHG emissions reductions across all sectors, 1.5ºC is beyond reach. The report found that policy packages, such as within an energy system and economy wide packages, are more able to support wider transitions and achieve systematic change than individual policy instruments on their own. Many regulatory and economic policy instruments have already been deployed, resulting in emissions reductions and instrument design can help address equity and other objectives. Similarly, low emission technological innovation is strengthened by combining technology push policies and investments (such as for scientific training, R&D and demonstration) and tailored demand pull policies (e.g., standards, feed in tariffs and taxes), which create incentives and markets.  In short, this new report shows a growing amount of evidence on the role of a wide range of policies on emissions reductions and innovation.  At the same time, to limit warming to around 2ºC, GHG emissions would need to peak before 2050.  This new report also found that carbon dioxide removal is unavoidable to achieve net zero emissions.”

“This report is very clear about the urgency and scope of the challenge, but also the fact that there is important evidence of action, of what makes policies effective, and the need to consider equity and justice.”

Following the publication of the report, Professor Anadon was also quoted as an expert in the United Nations news, and was interviewed by Spanish newspapers El Mundo (published on 14 April 2022) and El Diario (together with another Spanish Lead Author, Professor Alejandro Caparros, and a Spanish Review Editor, Dr. Esther Badiola; also published on 14 April 2022).

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